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Ardan Michael Blum
Consultant and Volunteer

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- A Memory

In 2001, I founded a Charity called Vivre Avec le 3ème Âge ('Living In The Third Age') in Geneva, Switzerland. The objective of this NGO was to help older people fight loneliness.

Here are a few of our many actions over a ten-year period:

Vivre Avec le 3ème Âge organized many other activities. See press articles:

Extract of Swiss press articles about senior citizen projects run by Ardan Michael Blum.
The creation of a website allowing senior citizens to share their stories of life in Geneva. In French: Un voyage à travers le temps raconté par les Seniors sur Histoires de Genève.

Discover a French language project sharing tales of life in Geneva, Switzerland. / Un voyage à travers le temps raconté par les Seniors:

- Personal View

Ardan Michael has played the cello for over 40 years. He had the great privilege of studying with Bernard Greenhouse of the Beaux Arts Trio for 10 years, traveling to Cape Cod (for lessons at Bernie's home in Wellfleet), or to the Swiss city of La Chaux de Fonds (where the trio recorded in the town's empty concert hall which has great acoustics). 

Ardan Michael was to study with Pierre Fournier, Paul Tortelier and his late and amazing father David Harvey Blum  -author of the well known book Casals and the Art of Interpretation.

Ardan Michael carries on his family tradition of loving Dachshunds. These hounds will draw him away from most matters; they are the result of fine-tuning in Germany for a loyal, brave, headstrong, funny and independent creature.

Ardan Michael has been a Freemason since 15 years.

In Palo Alto, Ardan Michael Blum is a BPC (Block Preparedness Coordinator) with the Palo Alto Emergency Services. He was a member of the Police Chief's Advisory Committee (for 5 years). 

Group photo of some of the Palo Alto Emergency Services Volunteers.
–  From Palo Alto's May Fete '22. (Ardan is center right with a large mask). 

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